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Filofax Organization #1 - Choosing a Filofax

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first post of Filofax Organization, a series. Our topic today is Choosing a Filofax! In my opinion, I think many people have trouble find the "perfect" Filofax. You spend time watching videos on Youtube, or looking at pictures online that it strikes you - I want a Filofax. It's the most organizational tool someone can have especially if their life is constantly busy or just because you like writing down everything that happens in a day.

There are a couple step you can take to purchasing a Filofax.

Step #1 -  Visit your local Filofax retailer or Visit Filofax online.

Personally, I think it's nicer if you first visit your Filofax retailer. There is a link here that will take you to the Find a Retailer website. If you visit your retailer, you have many advantages. You can ask the sales associate what they think or what Filofax they recommend. You can also see what type of sizes they have and what type of designs they make.

If you don't have a Filofax retailer near you, you can still visit Filofax online and compare the sizes and the descriptions of the Filofaxes. There are also Youtube videos that many wonderful people make :)

Step #2 - Choosing a size

As you can see, Filofax makes several sizes. You can choose to go with the smallest size or the biggest size but what size you choose will depends on what you want too use your Filofax for, and even where you are going to store it. You wouldn't want to store a A5 size Filofax in a very small handbag.

The most popular size is the Personal. It fits in most purses and most Filofax have just enough pockets for you to enjoy.

Step #3 - Design and Color and Price

Orange, Yellow, Purple, White, Blue - you name it. Filofax makes it. Once you've found a size you enjoy, look for a design you love. It could be simple or unordinary - this is where you can choosing whatever you want to represent you.

Determine what price you want to spend on a Filofax. You don't want to spend $150 dollars on an organizer and find out you don't like it. Before you establish a price you want to pay, look at the options each Filofax has. Some carry two pen loops and some have more pockets than others. Some are zipped with most of them are unzipped. There are definetly many factors in determining what design, color, and price you want to pay.

Here are just some Filofax and their qualities.

The Metropol 

  • Non - Leather Binder
  • Has two Pen loops
  • 4 credit card pockets and one large pocket (front)
  • One larger pocket in the back 
  • Price Range - around $30 - $50 
The Osterley 
  • Leather Binder - soft textured 
  • 4 card slots - one large pocket (front)
  • 2 card slot - one large pocket (back)
  • Two pen loops 
  • Price Range - around $100 - $150              

After you've choosing your Filofax - it's time to choose some inserts and start customizing your Filofax! 
That will be in another post, though! :) Hopefully, you won't have a hard time choosing a Filofax now and I can't wait to hear what you choose! 

If you have any questions that would like to be answered - any questions at all please email me @ 
I want to post a Q&A at the end of each post - that way it might help other people with similar questions they might have :) 

Until next time! Have a great Easter!
xoxo Angela

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